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November 17, 2004

That cute guy has finally asked you out for a movie.

You've agreed.

Then, phone rings again.

He asks you which movie you'd like to see.

You say you will call back. And...

1. You think about it and the movie you choose is:
A mushy romance with 15 songs, 25 costume changes and a
      happily-ever-after ending.
An action thriller with mind-boggling special effects and enough
      excuses for you to hang on to the edge of your seat or to each other!
An art film, where you can have the whole theatre to yourselves!
A murder mystery full of dead bodies, beautiful mysterious women
      who disappear and a cool, handsome serial killer.
Your personality
You're not just a softie, you're also a bit of an escapist. You hate facing reality when it is unpleasant and probably would do anything to avoid confrontations and fights. Hospitals and sick people scare you. You love flowers and gifts. Love, to you, means riding off into a golden sunset to the sound of heavenly orchestra.
Your personality
You love action. You are a doer, not a dreamer. You take the initiative in a relationship. Your idea of relaxation is probably a fast-paced race around the city. Machines and technology fascinate you. You are a futurist and gizmos are a great turn-on. You like risky situations where you don't know the outcome. Challenges thrill you. Basically, there is never a dull moment with you around.
Your personality
You are a loner and believe in doing things your way. The known and the tested bore you. The person whom you fall in love with will probably be as unusual as you are. Ideas fascinate you. You probably like solving crosswords and puzzles and getting into discussions with people on anything from politics to the latest filmi craze. Everything you say and do is a statement of who you are.
Your personality
You probably have one of the neatest cupboards in the neighbourhood, with a definite place for everything. Mathematics and logic are your passion. You will probably drive your beloved nuts by trying to apply logic to love. Human nature fascinates you. Your favourite pastime is trying to figure people out. You probably keep a diary -- if not in writing, then in your head, with every detail neatly filed away!

2. You have decided which movie you will watch. Now, what are
    you going to wear?

A pair of gorgeous, glittery diamond earrings.
A pair of 'Just Do it' sneakers.
An antique silver bracelet your dad gave your mom.
Your favourite perfume.
Mauve glitter nail polish.
Your personality
Elegance is your second name. You are the kind who can wear a bedsheet and make it look like designer fare. You come across as cool and confident, always in control and never at a loss about what to do next.
Your personality
You value comfort and practicality above everything else, even at the cost of fashion. Your friends probably come to you when they want down-to-earth, no-nonsense advice.
Your personality
The classic and the old-fashioned thrill you. You like tradition and rules. People feel safe and secure in your company. Older people trust you.
Your personality
Romance. You can never have enough of it. You often escape into a dream world full of dark mysterious strangers and happily-ever-after endings. You love to be pampered and treated like a princess.
Your personality
The funkier the better -- whether it is your choice of music or your favourite date spot. Being with you is like being on a long treasure hunt. You never know what will turn up next. You believe rules are meant to be broken!

3. Just as you are ready to leave, you happen to glance into the
     mirror. And -- horrors! -- you see a pimple! You:

Reach for some foundation pronto!
Nuke it with anti-pimple cream.
Squeeze it.
Recognise that things could be worse.
Shrug your shoulders.
Your personality
Your instinctive reaction is to cover up a problem, sweep it under the carpet and move on. Problems make you uncomfortable. They disturb your equilibrium. So you try to escape and deal with the problem later, if it crops up again!
Your personality
You are a doer. You hate sitting around waiting for things to happen. When faced with a problem, you move in like a rapid action force -- swiftly, surely, with dramatic impact.
Your personality
You hate being in a squeeze. As a result, you tend to over-react. Or -- shall we say? -- you react instantly to the problem rather than looking at it in a cool, rational manner and figuring out the cause. Your immediate reaction is to try and do something to make the problem go away.
Your personality
You are the ultimate optimist. You look at a situation and always see the brighter side. For you the glass is always half-full, not half-empty. You are probably a great person to have around in a stressful situation.
Your personality
You have a philosophical attitude towards life. You recognise that things can go wrong and the way you deal with it is to just let things be for a while. Action is not your middle name.

4. Intermission. In the ladies' room, you have visions of a future
    with your dream date. That future includes:

Two kids and a dog in front of a beautiful white bungalow with a
Grooving at your birthday party where all your friends land up
       dressed as their favourite monster.
Working together late into the night for an important presentation.
Snuggled together, looking at your old photos and reading your old
        love letters on a rainy afternoon.
As a star couple at a celebrity cocktail party.
Your personality
You want a picture-book life, full of safety and security. Happiness is about walking the time-tested path your parents and their parents walked before you -- preferably around that ancestral bungalow!
Your personality
Life should be about having fun and being in the moment. You would like a freewheeling existence, full of wild flowers and no deadlines. You will not think twice about taking a day off because the kids want to go to the circus.
Your personality
You are probably very ambitious and career-oriented. Being successful is important to you. You will gear both your personal and professional life towards achieving that goal.
Your personality
Being loved, and being with the one you love, is all that matters. The rest -- fame, fortune -- is immaterial.
Your personality
Being 'somebody' is important to you, so you will probably fall in love with someone who loves the limelight and stardust as much as you do. You would like to show him or her off just as much as you would love being shown off.

5. It's time for dinner. You tell your date:
"I'm not hungry. Why don't we go for a walk instead? There's a
       wonderful moon tonight!"
"I know a pizza place that serves the perfect combination pizza!"
"How about home? My mom's a great cook!"
"There's a disco around the corner. Why don't we work ourselves
      an appetite?"
"Do candlelight and ghazals sound good? I know just the place."
Your personality
You really can live on love and fresh air! When you fall in love, it will be with your head, heart, heels -- and every other part of your body. All the clichés about people in love apply to you. Love is forever, till death do you part!
Your personality
Being in love is part of that great joyride called Life. Not for you whispered sweet nothings and soft cuddles. Love is a zippy, zingy thing that peps you up and freaks you out -- like a giant soda!
Your personality
You are a Mamma's girl. You love safety, comfort, security. You like certain things and derive pleasure from them. Very rarely do you veer away from the tried and tested path.
Your personality
It's great being in love but it has to fit in with the rest of your busy schedule. You are young and in a hurry to make it. You take every single goodie Life has to offer!
Your personality
Like everything else in your life, love must also be perfectly orchestrated. Making out on a haystack is definitely not your scene. You wait till everything is just so before you get in the mood. The right setting, the right time of day is very important. As, of course, is the right person!

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