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Okay, confess.

You binged on Diwali goodies -- all those mithais, laddoos, pedas, chocolates, namkeens and scrumptious snacks and drinks -- didn't you?

You just couldn't resist the temptation.

Now, reality has hit you in the form of those horrid weighing scales.

What with Christmas and New Year round the corner, those extra pounds can be pretty demoralising. And it does not really help matters when you find yourself struggling to get into some of your favourite clothes.

Relax. Donít panic.

We've figured out a way for you to lose those extra pounds and tone up!

All you need to do is diet. And exercise. Here are some examples:

The Crash Diet

The crash diet consists of salads or soups/liquids or fruits or pulses.

"This is the most popular form of diet. You do see quick results, but you must remember they are temporary," says Meera Jadhav. Jadhav has done a course in Progressive Fitness Training at BFY Sports and Fitness, Mumbai, and is now an aerobics trainer for Reebok.


This is a quick, easy way to lose those extra calories. But Meera warns that once you get back to your old ways, that extra weight you lost could come back with a vengeance.

Shweta Menon (in the picture), former Miss India finalist, suggests fruit therapy.

She says, "Have fruits in the morning, followed by a light lunch. Have a few chapattis and veggies [vegetables] for dinner. No rice!"

Menon insists the only way out of the flab trap you find yourself is to exercise control over your diet and follow a routine workout.

Text: Ameeta Gupta

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