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Passion powered Madhu's rise from a man selling computers for a living to becoming someone called in to help with the special effects on a Hollywood blockbuster.

Madhu has worked with some of India's best known directors, including Mani Ratnam, before going on to work on The Lord Of The Rings -- Return Of The King. He also holds the National Award for Visual Effects for his work on Kamal Haasan's Aalavandhan.

This is his story, in his own words:

I used to sell computers for a living in Coimbatore, before I shifted base to Chennai in 1990 and found there was no joy in selling computers.

In 1992, one of my clients wanted me to set up a small multimedia unit.

My curiosity was aroused; I wanted to know what multimedia was all about.

I joined a course in CD animation but never thought that, one day, it would be my profession.

I just wanted to give better solutions to my clients. I thought I should know what I was selling.

My client then asked me to join the company he wanted to launch as general manager -- visual effects. I found the thought exciting.

We started Total Infotainment India Pvt Ltd.

I remember watching a Hollywood film then. And I decided that, one day, I would work on a film like that in India.

With that in mind, I started working on commercials. It was tough getting work initially.

Text: Shobha Warrier

In the picture: Aalavandhan, for which Madhu won the National Award.

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