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6. Stanford University

Stanford University was dedicated by Leland Stanford and Jane Eliza to their son, Leland Junior.

Leland Junior was in Italy with his family when he was struck by typhoid. He later succumbed to the illness. He was 15.

When they returned to the US, the Stanfords decided to set up a university. After six years of planning and building, the Stanford University opened on October 1, 1891.

Stanford, like Johns Hopkins and Cornell Universities, followed the German model of providing graduate as well as undergraduate instruction and stressing on research along with teaching.

Stanford's current community of scholars includes 17 Nobel laureates and four Pulitzer Prize winners.

Famous Stanford alumni include:

· Vinton Cerf, the 'father of the Internet'
· Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft
· Vance Coffman, president and CEO, Lockheed Martin Corp
· Carleton Fiorina, president and CEO, Hewlett-Packard Co
· Doris Fisher, co-founder, Gap, Inc
· William Hewlett and David Packard (both deceased), founders, Hewlett-Packard Co
· Philip Knight, chairman and CEO, Nike, Inc
· Chih-Yuan 'Jerry' Yang and David Filo, founders of Yahoo!
· Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page, founders of Google

Information courtesy Stanford University.

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