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Dear Mr Prime Minister
The election is over, the results are in, and the verdict is clear: The people of India have unambiguously voted for stability at the Centre.

Now the prime minister has picked his council of ministers and allotted portfolios. The task of governance begins in right earnest.

That verdict carries with it a message: India wants progress; it wants a sense of direction; as clearly, it does not want to be shackled by the pulls and pressures of a rag-tag coalition of disparate interests each pulling in a different direction and collectively contributing to national stasis.

The verdict is a huge vote of confidence -- but it is also an enormous challenge for the new government. No longer can the Centre excuse non-performance on the grounds of its squabbling allies or an uncooperative Opposition.

The people have given the mandate; the clear onus is now on the government to deliver -- and equally clearly, failure to deliver will result, five years from now if not sooner, in the anger of a people betrayed.

But deliver what? What is it the people of India want, what is it that they expect from their leaders, from the government? On this, there is ambiguity, and an urgent need for clarity.

Hence, this: an opportunity for you to tell your government exactly what you expect from it.

Here's how: From the drop-down menu below, chose the subject that most interests you and, on the message board that appears, speak your thoughts. Tell your government what you think it needs to do, in that particular area, to fulfill your aspirations, to translate the enormous promise of this country into performance.

Confine your thoughts, please, to the selected subject; there is no limit to the number of subjects you can speak to -- so when you are done with one, go back and make your next selection, then start all over again.

At the end of a fortnight, we hope to collate your responses and send them to Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, for his kind attention.

The people picked the government -- it is now up to the people to tell the government what it wants. That means you -- and your time is now.

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