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Vijayakanth, the messiah of the rural youth

It is astonishing to see how 'Captain' Vijayakanth [Called 'Captain' after his hit movie Captain Prabhakaran] has attracted the fancy and interest of the rural youth. When he decided to enter the election fray all alone, many, especially the English media, ridiculed him by describing him as a 'joker' but it has turned out that he is no joker, at least for the youth of small town Tamil Nadu; He is the messiah they are earnestly waiting for, a messiah who can solve their endless problems, a messiah who can help them realise their dreams.

When the results are announced on May 11, he may not have many seats in his kitty, but in all probability, he can be a strong force in Tamil Nadu politics in the years to come. It is amazing to see the kind of goodwill he has generated among the youth. No, it is not because of his films that they are attracted to him; he symbolises a new hope, a new tomorrow for them. And, if he turns out to be just like the others, it will be a big blow for those who repose so much faith in him. That will spell disaster for the man who is called 'Dark MGR' by some.'s Shobha Warrier travels into small town Tamil Nadu trying to decipher how 'Captain' has managed to garner such massive goodwill.

Photographs: Sreeram Selvaraj

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