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Maharashtra's rising star

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In every election there are some young candidates who have the potential to play a major role in the future.

They talk the language of development and IT and steer clear of hoary topics like Hindutva, which sound good but do nothing to give jobs to the millions of our country.

Vinay Kore, the young man in the collage, is one such candidate.

It would do well to remember his face, because after the results are out in Maharashtra, there may be a lot of parties knocking on his doors.

And the 32-year-old hopes he can get a good deal for himself and his Jan Swarajya Party.

He is a very tired man these days; all the campaigning has left him exhausted, but he knows there is a job to be done.

The sizeable crowd at a Kolhapur City junction goes berserk the moment he steps out of his car. It's October 9, 10 pm.

After a lot of shoving and pushing he steps onto to the stage and exhorts the people to vote for his party's candidate.

Image: Vinay Kore and his grandfather Tatyasaheb Kore

Photographs and Text: Salil Kumar

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