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The first thing that Godse, whose daughter Himani Savarkar (daughter-in-law of Dr Narayan Savarkar, younger brother of Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, the original champion of Hindutva) is contesting Pune's Kasba Peth assembly constituency, does when I enter his small house is hand over a small pad and pen and say: "Please write down your address and telephone number here."

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He then asks, "What subject do you want to talk about?"

He has a white pyjama and vest on. The skin almost hangs on the bones; he has big ears, can't read or write anymore, and his back is bent. But age hasn't been so cruel to his speech or memory.

"Himani is not fighting in her individual capacity," he begins in his raspy voice, "but as a representative of a political group.

"This is the institution that opposed the Partition of India..."

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