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'I really wonder if my vote does count'

Rohini Kapur, 19

ote? Definitely!

Politics is a dirty game, but someone has to play it.

Unfortunately there is hardly anyone who wants to even bother to make it cleaner. The problem lies in equating leadership and governance with politics. You have to govern the nation, which is much like running a large organisation.

Why drag politics into governance and important policies? It is always me against you. Opposition parties will oppose just because they have to, and ruling parties will not bother to clear the doubts, and just force it because they have the majority anyway.

Elections can change a nation, but I really wonder if my vote does count. But either ways, I think one should vote, because it's your right.

No one can be trusted, and voting today is a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea. Even though their criminal records have been made public, there is hardly anyone taking the initiative to raise a hue and cry about it, which should be done.

Maybe that's because every party has some skeletons in the closet.

The issues I have concerning India are poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, infrastructure, safety of women and corruption at every level.

Personally, I have issues like the education system, easy and cheap accessibility to recreation facilities, bad roads, traffic and encouragement of arts.

As told to Sukanya Verma

To be continued

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