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'There are more jobs in India now than in US'

Princy Mathew, 22

am not very interested in politics. But I can't avoid it because it affects our lives, directly or indirectly. The worse thing about Indian politics is the way politicians bring their children into the fray.

I detest the way they play dirty games with religion. I think no candidate should be allowed to contest from two constituencies during an election. It is a waste of money.

I am not particularly fascinated by any political party. But I do feel the BJP is better than the Congress in many ways.

IT students like me hope to get good jobs because India is shining.

Wherever I go, I hear people talking about development. I see new roads, read how loss-making government companies are being privatised and how India has become the hub of information technology.

The country under the Vajpayee government has also received large foreign investment. There are more jobs available in India now than in the US, I think.

We need good governance, more jobs and an end to religious riots

India has the potential to become a superpower in all sectors. We should make India the hub of the world.

As told to George Iype

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