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'I don't think Soniaji is a foreigner'

Ajay Thapa, 19

studied till class X but the pressures of contributing to the family income forced me to become a driver. I have been a driver for a year now.

I was born and brought up in Delhi.

I am not too impressed by the BJP propaganda that India is shining. My family has always voted for the Congress and I think I am no different.

I don't think Soniaji is a foreigner, it shows that these BJP people are scared of her. I think she should be given a chance to rule and show her mettle.

When Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated, many in my family cried because they had so much feeling for him and his family. I think it is good for Indian politics that Rahul Gandhi is fighting the election. I hope he grows up into a mature politician and takes this country to greater heights.

As told to Tara Shankar Sahay

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