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'What we desperately need are statesmen'

Arush Chopra, 20

f course I will vote! I am looking forward to it.

Politics is dominated by people who are hungry for power and material gains. What we desperately need are statesmen.

Elections are of paramount importance, otherwise the ruling party may become despotic. Elections are the bedrock of a democracy, hence the importance.

It will be wrong to accuse each one of them [politicians]. That would be an unfair generalisation. However, in the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed is the king. There are some leaders who are better than the rest.

The issues are aplenty -- poverty, population explosion, unemployment, inflation, corruption and communalism.

Personally, I feel strongly about issues like reservation in educational institutions. I also am concerned about the quality of local trains and the work culture in government offices.

As told to Sukanya Verma

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