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f you are young, be sure you are the hottest thing going in this general election.

Politicians have found a newfound love for the young and their vote -- obviously not in that order -- and have every reason to woo them.

With around 200 million Indians between the ages of 18 and 30, these voters could make or break a party at the polling booth next month.

Political parties have finally woken up to this vote bank :-)

It is time they did.

The media is also doing its bit to urge young voters to bring a social change.

Music television channels are going on campuses.

FM radio stations tell youth voters that their vote can make the difference.

And newspapers educate about Vote Power.

But will the young voter queue up to cast her/his vote on Election Day?

Will they make a choice and make that difference?

rediff.com speaks to young voters across the country to find out what is on their mind.


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