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'So much to learn from Hansie's life'

November 1, 2007

There is something eerie about your first glimpse of Frans Cronje -- sort of like looking into the future.

If the late Proteas cricket captain Hansie Cronje hadn't, on June 1, 2002, hitched a ride on a Hawker Siddeley turboprop cargo flight, if that flight hadn't run into rough weather, if that flight hadn't crashed into a mountainside killing all three on board, if Cronje had lived on for say another ten years, this is likely what he would have looked like.

Frans, who has been involved in the business of multimedia production since 2001, and who owns Global Creative Studios, is clearly the time-lapse version of his brother, not just in how he looks but even in the soft-voiced manner of speech, and the smile that quirks up a corner of his mouth.

The producer of Hansie, the movie, spends a good part of Tuesday afternoon an unwelcome visitor on his own set - as shots are called, he is shooed away from the line of filming; he walks around the swimming pool behind the bungalow, only to be shooed away from there too. Frans Cronje finally finds a couple of benches on the lawn, far enough from the line of fire to allow him some peace - and grins. "You wouldn't know from the way they shove me around that I was producing this movie, would you?"

And then he settles down to talk of the hows, whys and wherefores of making a movie on his brother, with Prem Panicker for


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