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The Cricket World Cup is just around the corner. And there is not much cricket left before the ultimate tournament which starts in West Indies from March 13, 2007.

India fared pathetically in the just-concluded ODI series in South Africa losing the five-match series 4-0.

Indian selectors meet on Friday to pick 30 probables for the World Cup.

Go one better - pick the 16 you think should represent India against the West Indies in the series starting on January 21 and go on to win the World Cup.

Pick your team.

SR Tendulkar3743653514537186*44.0511301244.56286143 5-3243.9652.235.05
SC Ganguly278269211010118340.73960687.1347093 5-1637.3144.335.05
R Dravid29827734964115339.6718014311704 2-4342.5046.505.48
V Sehwag1561527458313031.61650537.2280970 3-5940.1346.065.23
Yuvraj Singh15914421428613934.85530319.3157341 4-638.3746.764.92
M Kaif125110242753111*32.01550000----
VVS Laxman86837233813130.763907400 0-16--5.71
MS Dhoni5953131735183*43.385611000----
AB Agarkar1741052611979515.154801426.47219263 6-4227.4532.555.06
D Mongia554971196159*28.4821088.446511 3-3142.2748.365.24
IK Pathan72541410068325.15110585.32937114 5-2725.7630.825.02
A Kumble265132468982610.448402359.510109328 6-1230.8243.174.28
Harbhajan Singh14073216794613.064001256.15183163 5-4331.8046.244.13
SK Raina3427558981*26.771405.2371 1-2337.0032.006.94
Zaheer Khan107592445034*12.86260883.34367150 4-4229.1135.344.94
G Gambhir1616040910325.56601130 0-13--13.00
RS Sodhi181432806725.4590773655 2-4373.0092.404.74
Y Venugopal Rao1611221861*24.2260000----
L Balaji2915611321*12.56110236.1131234 4-4838.5941.685.56
RR Powar16941075421.4000124.456819 3-3429.8939.374.56
AR Uthappa330988632.6710000----
M Kartik311148932*12.71100255131227 3-3648.5956.675.15
A Nehra69251486247.8290577277790 6-2330.8638.474.81
JP Yadav1273816920.2530663266 2-3254.3366.004.94
KD Karthik640431710.7571000----
J Sharma3223429*-3021991 1-2899.00126.004.71
RP Singh2085269*8.676014373424 4-3530.5835.755.13
SV Bahutule84123117.6730492832 1-46141.50147.005.78
W Jaffer22010105.0000000----
VR Singh210888.0030121050 0-33--8.75
S Sreesanth2273631.5020178.399729 6-5534.3836.935.59
MM Patel146462*3.0010109.451615 3-5334.4043.874.71
A Mishra30000-0014672 1-2933.5042.004.79

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