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November 27, 2006 Comparing Dravid and Ganguly   Email this Page  |   Write to us


Former India captain Sourav Ganguly is universally lauded for his aggressive nature, and for his ability to get youngsters to perform as a unit.

His successor Rahul Dravid, and coach Greg Chappell, are under the hammer for the perceived dip in India's cricketing standards.

Against that backdrop, Rajneesh Gupta examines the records of Ganguly and Dravid as captains, and as players.

Ganguly vis-a-vis Dravid as captain in ODIs

Captaincy record
Ganguly after 53 matches532726050.9449.06

Performance with the bat:
Ganguly after 53 matches53525219914446.7977.787122

Dravid's performance as captain:
#OppVenue DateRunsBallsSRResult
1ZimRajkot 14 Dec 200061637.50Won
2SL Colombo (RPS) 28 Jul 2001437954.43Won
3WI Jodhpur 21 Nov 2002588270.73Won
4WI Vijayawada 24 Nov 20023837.50Lost
5NZ Chennai 23 Oct 20034666.67No result
6AusGwalior 26 Oct 2003DNB0-Won
7AusMumbai (WS) 01 Nov 2003597084.29Lost
8NZ Cuttack 06 Nov 2003314175.61Lost
9AusKolkata 18 Nov 2003496971.01Lost
10ZimPerth 03 Feb 2004102441.67Won
11PakKanpur 15 Apr 20058611574.78Lost
12PakDelhi (FSK) 17 Apr 2005192965.52Lost
13SL Dambulla 30 Jul 2005549656.25Lost
14WI Dambulla 31 Jul 200552*6580.00Won
15SL Dambulla 03 Aug 2005010.00Lost
16WI Colombo (RPS) 07 Aug 2005102638.46Won
17SL Colombo (RPS) 09 Aug 2005699969.70Lost
18SL Nagpur 25 Oct 200585*63134.92Won
19SL Mohali 28 Oct 20052*540.00Won
20SL Jaipur 31 Oct 2005283482.35Won
21SL Pune 03 Nov 2005637287.50Won
22SL Ahmedabad (GS) 06 Nov 2005103*12085.83Lost
23SL Baroda (IPCL) 12 Nov 200531*4864.58Won
24SAHyderabad (RGS) 16 Nov 200582433.33Lost
25SABangalore 19 Nov 2005101758.82Won
26SAKolkata 25 Nov 200563119.35Lost
27SAMumbai (WS) 28 Nov 200578*10673.58Won
28PakPeshawar (AN) 06 Feb 20061814128.57Lost
29PakRawalpindi (CS) 11 Feb 2006566191.80Won
30PakLahore 13 Feb 2006224252.38Won
31PakMultan (CS) 16 Feb 2006597281.94Won
32PakKarachi (NS) 19 Feb 2006508260.98Won
33EngDelhi (FSK) 28 Mar 2006345068.00Won
34EngFaridabad 31 Mar 200652321.74Won
35EngMargao 03 Apr 2006465977.97Won
36EngKochi 06 Apr 2006657389.04Won
37EngIndore(MUT) 15 Apr 2006697987.34Won
38PakAbu Dhabi 18 Apr 2006202968.97Lost
39PakAbu Dhabi 19 Apr 20069211679.31Won
40WI Kingston 18 May 2006105102102.94Won
41WI Kingston 20 May 2006112250.00Lost
42WI Basseterre 23 May 2006040.00Lost
43WI Port-of-Spain 26 May 2006153839.47Lost
44WI Port-of-Spain 28 May 2006182572.00Lost
45SL Colombo (SSC) 18 Aug 20069*1947.37No result
46WI Kuala Lumpur 14 Sep 2006263868.42Lost
47AusKuala Lumpur 16 Sep 200662227.27No result
48WI Kuala Lumpur 20 Sep 2006030.00Won
49AusKuala Lumpur 22 Sep 200672133.33Lost
50EngJaipur 15 Oct 200643133.33Won
51WI Ahmedabad (GS) 26 Oct 2006496773.13Lost
52AusMohali 29 Oct 2006526382.54Lost
53SADurban 22 Nov 2006182572.00Lost

DNB= Did not bat

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Statistics: Rajneesh Gupta
Photographs: Getty Images

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