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Mission Tomorrow

Badrinath and his mother
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'The proudest moment will be when he plays for India'

-- S Kalpakam, Badrinath's mother

From the age of eight or nine itself, Badrinath has shown interest in cricket. It was his father who took the initiative in shaping him well as a cricketer; he used to coach him, take him to coaching classes, etc. The only thing that I take care of is his food.

When he was young, whatever I know I used to make for him. As we are vegetarians, I used to give lots of pulses to him. I used to make him drink milk a lot. It was only sambar, rasam, rice, etc then. But today he has a nutrition expert for the team, and he decides the special food.

From the beginning, our dream was him playing for India. Is it not a matter of pride for any parent when her son plays for the country? I am not crazy about cricket or for that matter any game. I only watch matches on television when my son is playing.

We expected him to be there in the Indian team a bit earlier. Yes, we were a bit disappointed when he didn't get selected. Anyway, it is not too late for him as he is only 26. I am sure he will get what he deserves, because he is such a hardworking boy. He believes in only one thing, and that is hard work.

I was very proud when I read in the papers that it was because of him that the India 'A' team won in Australia. The proudest moment will be when he plays for India.

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