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December 29, 2003

Australia's nine lives!

Can somebody please explain to me what is so great about hitting two double tons after being dismissed at least four times in both innings?

Apparently the Indian media, unlike their counterparts in Australia, do not want to emphasise the fact that all the lbw decisions (some of which were clear as crystal to the naked eye) went against India.

Statistically, in Australia's first innings at Melbourne, Hayden batted twice, Ponting six times, and Waugh thrice (we can leave the others aside). If that be the case, any school-going cricketer from India can hit a double ton.

What I don't understand is: one, why are the Indian media so quiet about such pathetic umpiring?

Two, why aren't we singing the praises of Kumble for taking 18 wickets and not six (provided even half the appeals had gone in his favour)?

Anupam Tripathi
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